Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I don’t know about your cat…..

I don’t know about your cat…..


but MY cat…..


likes to hide…..


in boxes!


Eve Sutton’s rhyming story was full of cats.

There was the cat from France who liked to sing and dance…..

and the cat from Spain who flew an aeroplane.

Then there was the cat from Norway who got stuck in the doorway…..

the cat from Greece who joined the police…..

and the cat from Brazil who caught a very bad chill.

And last of all were the cat from Berlin who played the violin (what else?)…..

and the cat from Japan who waved a big blue fan.

But of course our favourite was the cat who likes to hide in boxes.

All kinds of boxes.

Packing boxes, seed boxes, hat boxes, apple boxes and even toy boxes.


Especially toy boxes!

Which of course got us thinking.  Imagine a box with a very special job, or function.  Here is Emily’s function  box.  Her function is to ‘add a cat‘.


Can you see how it works?  In goes a cat – and out comes…..another cat!  One cat added.

Here’s another ‘add a cat‘ function box.


In goes a cat – and out comes a second cat.  One cat added.

What about this one?  What is the function here?


In goes one cat – and out comes a cat with a hat!  One hat added.  And look - here’s another ‘add a hat’ function box!


One hat added.

What about these next ones?  What functions did Itaru, Anusha and Bianca choose?

IMG_0341  IMG_0342  IMG_0343

Why not have a go at making one yourself?  You could even try making one using a real box!

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