Thursday, 12 January 2012

overview for the 3rd unit of inquiry - a note for parents

Unit of Inquiry Play Then and Now

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in Place and Time

(An inquiry into orientation in time and personal histories)

Central Idea: ‘Innovation has changed the way we play’

Lines of Inquiry:

· What play is

· How play has changed over time

· How innovation has changed the way we play

Sample questions which will drive these inquiries:

Where do I play and who do I play with?

How is my play the same as my parents’ play? How is it different?

What can I play with now that my granny could not have played with? Why?

Sample activities:

* investigate different ways of playing

* compare and contrast the things we play with, with the things our parents and grandparents played with

* make our own things to play with

Duration of unit: 7 weeks

Summative Assessments:

· compare how grandma/grandpa or mum/dad played with how I play

· reflect on my own ways of playing

Transdisciplinary skills to be emphasised:

Social skills will include sharing materials and taking turns

Research skills will involve sorting and categorizing information

Thinking skills will involve grasping meaning from material learned

Communication skills will involve interpreting and analysing visuals

Self-management skills will include making informed choices to achieve balance

Elements of student profile/attitudes to be emphasised:

Demonstrating thinking skills and being balanced as well as showing curiosity and becoming more appreciative

Examples of cross-curricular links:

Identify, compare and describe attributes of real objects as well as describe and sequence familiar events in daily routines

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