Thursday, 12 January 2012

getting creative

Well, you have to let your hair down from time to time, don’t you.  And we let ours down good and proper on the last Tuesday of term.  We were lucky enough to have three mums and a dad come in to help us out with some crafty activities.  Some seasonal crafty activities. 

We got to make peppermint creams with Emily’s mum…..


and we made StarglitteryStar greetings cards with Yanis’ mum.


With Joseph’s mum we threaded popped corn onto copper wire…..


to hang up outside for the hungry birds to eat.

Joseph was very  generous (thank you Joseph!)  As well as his mum, he lent us his dad too!  And Joseph’s dad came along with a brilliant idea to do with elderly (but still aromatic) coffee beans which we used to decorate snowflakes.


Cool, huh!

Thanks too to Yanis and Emily for letting us borrow their mums!

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