Thursday, 12 January 2012

on careful observation

Take a look at this picture.


It was the illustration for a poem I was going to read.

What, I wondered aloud, might the poem be about?

And here are some of our observations…..

‘They are riding on a horse’ was one.

‘The hair is going out.’

‘I can see the moon; maybe they are going in the sky.’

‘Look; there are flames shooting!’ an excited exclamation from Nicholas.

‘They are on a rainbow,’ said Tim.

A question now.  What is the name for a toy horse like that you can ride?

‘I have one of those!’  This from Joseph.  ‘But I can’t remember what it is called.’

‘I know!  It’s a rocking horse!’ Tanisha told us.

And indeed it is.  But this rocking horse is a special rocking horse.  It, as Tanisha confidently read for us, is a rocket horse!  That, I imagine, explains those shooting flames…..

And so, here  we have:

ROCKET HORSE by Brian Moses


“I’ve got a rocket horse,” said Jilly.

"Her friends all laughed, “Don’t be silly.

It’s a rocking horse, like any other.”

But Jilly just smiled and so did her brother.


Their rocket horse took them anywhere,

above the clouds and through the air.

They took a trip to Disneyland

where Rocket Horse marched behind the band.


Then off they zoomed far into space,

past the moon with a smile on his face.

On they flew to the planet Mars

with Rocket Horse jumping from star to star.


“I’m hungry,” said Jilly

“it’s time to go.”

So they rode very fast

down a rainbow…..and all the way home!

I wonder; if you had a rocket horse, where would you travel?  And who would ride on the back with you?

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