Wednesday, 25 January 2012

who stole the cookies?

Remember this particular teddy bears' picnic?  And how it was all a bit of a mystery to us?  Well, we got thinking about quite what might have happened on that fateful day.  Together we wrote a story.  And that story goes something like this.

Bear was in the classroom with the other toys.


The children were not there. They were at French.

There were cookies in the cupboard.

Bear sniffed.


The other toys sniffed.  They smelled the cookies.


Bear opened the cupboard.  He found the cookies.


Bear said, “Let’s share the cookies.” 

Luckily there were 22.


The toys ate the cookies.  They had one each.


Suddenly they heard a noise.  The children were coming back!


Quickly the toys jumped back onto the desks so the children would not know.

But oh dear…..


there were cookie crumbs all over the carpet!

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