Wednesday, 25 January 2012

bowling hoops

Joseph’s mummy sent me a photograph today.  It was of Joseph at a museum.

‘That’s a place where you can go to see things,’ said Ella.

‘You can go to see things that are old,’ added Bianca.

‘And you can see a skeleton of a dinosaur,’ Nicholas told us……and we were suddenly in danger of being side-tracked by Stegosauri.

Thank heavens that at this point Joseph interrupted.  ‘It was an old school,’ he told us. 

He also told us what the classroom was like (not like ours at all!) and that he had gone outside into the playground.  There he got to have a go at bowling a hoop.  Here he is with his hoop.

boys 230

Tanisha thought that the hoop was probably made from metal.  We noticed that it was attached by a ring to a metal stick.  Joseph told us it was quite heavy.

We thought about the hoops we have at our school.  They are made of plastic and they are light.

We thought about how we play with our hoops.  We throw them, we skip with them and we even hula.

We wondered how people would have played with these metal hoops.  Surely children wouldn’t be able to throw a hoop made from metal.  Surely they wouldn’t be able to skip with them or hula with them.

Joseph told us that he had to run along behind the hoop, using the stick to make it roll – and to stop it running away from him.

That sounded like fun!  So of course we had to go and try it out for ourselves, with our plastic hoops.  We used our hands rather than a stick to try and make the hoop roll.

First we balanced the hoop upright.


Next we pushed it with our hands…..


so it rolled along the floor.  Then we chased after it!


Some of us even managed to make our hoop roll through someone else’s!

_MG_0638     _MG_0642

Of course, before we went back to the classroom, we had to have a little go at hula. 

Hiromi, as you can see…..

_MG_0653     _MG_0662

is something of an expert!

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