Thursday, 12 January 2012

eat your heart out fox in socks!

It takes a brave woman to thread her arm all the way down to the bottom of a 6 year old’s football sock.  But it was before break (which of course meant that said sock had not yet been running round a football pitch with a hot foot inside it).  And it was in a good cause.

The good cause was to demonstrate a sock puppet.  Maybe you have even done something like this yourself.  You need a (sweet-smelling) sock (a football sock would be perfect) to wear on your arm, with your fingers where the toes go and your thumb in the heel.  A couple of paper eyes and you are in for hours of fun!


Which, rather bizarrely, brings us to today’s art lesson.

It began with a dark oil pastel crayon and sheet of nice bright paper.  Two dots towards the top of the paper and two oval shapes, one inside the other, just below.  A curve here and a straight line there…..


and you’re ready for the painting bit.  Shall we start with white?  White for the toe of the sock…..


and white for the heel.


Or should I say white for the monkey’s hat and white for his muzzle?

Brown comes next.  Brown for the monkey’s face…..

_MG_0119  _MG_0120

for his body and for his skinny arms.


And finally, red…..


for his smiling mouth.

OK so I said finally.  But it wasn’t actually finally at all.

Because out of the (very very top secret) treasures cupboard came fluffy feathers…..


and buttons and beads; sparkly bits and what could quitepossibly have been REAL jewels!


We set to work with squeezy (‘oh-help-it-won’t-stop!’) glue…..


and scissors (snippety snip)…..


to decorate our monkeys-made-from-socks.  With feathery caps and buttons for eyes…..


with crazy hair…..


and regal-looking feathered crowns. 


(Did you spot the quitepossibly REAL jewels?)

Here now are two pairs of our finished monkeys-made-from-socks.

IMG_0140     IMG_0142

IMG_0143     IMG_0141

Why not stop by sometime and meet the other pairs?

With special thanks to Tim for the use of his thankfully-not-at-all-stinky football sock!

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