Monday, 16 January 2012

our favourite things to play with

Nicholas started us off.  ‘This,’ he began…..


‘is my toy car.  I got it since after Christmas.  I like it because it’s grey.  It came from my toy truck and the colour is grey.  It has a little driver and I want it to be me.  And it m-o-v-e-s.’  And it did!

Joesph favourite-of-the-moment is also a car. A Mini. Cooper, no less.


‘I like it because it can open the doors and close the doors and open up the front.’ The bonnet. ‘It’s metal and the windows are glass.’ Or are they? Bianca thinks they might be made from

plastic. In fact she told us why. ‘Glass might break, and then you could get cut,’ she explained.

Youssef brought in a car too. ‘This is a car,’ he told us as he held it up. It ‘goes in a race. The car is brown. It has writing’. And this is what that writing said. TURBO! Whoosh!

Aalian showed us a whole truck-full of cars. ‘I like it because the cars can race on it.’ And then he showed us how. Whoosh again!

Melchior proudly displayed his favourite plaything.


‘I like it because it can roll and also I can do tricks. Chocolate came out.’ But sadly no longer, it seems. ‘It’s made of metal on the wheels and plastic .’

Also made of plastic was this castle…..


from Itaru and this doll…..


from Anusha.  We thought that even her hair was made of plastic!

Tanisha was next.  ‘His name is Tigger,’ she began.


‘It has stripes and it has a tail and a pink nose and eyes.  I like it because it’s soft and it’s big.’  And obviously very cuddly!  AND well-loved!

Something else soft, this time from Bianca.


‘I like it because it’s soft and I play with it at home.  I read books to her,’ she said.

Softness too from Hiromi.  ‘This is soft and it has a dress.  It is a cat.  I like it,’ she said about her toy.

I wonder if you can guess what Ella brought in to show us.  Here is what she told us about it.  ‘It’s new.  It’s made of wood and there’s a special stick that has swirls and all the others have stripes on them and you have to try and pick up one without moving another one.’  Any ideas?  I know.  I’ve played it myself!

Yanis and Mélina also brought in games.  Yanis’s was called, ‘Qui-est-ce?’  I bet you’d like to know how to play it!  Listen up because Yanis knows all the rules.

‘We can take a boy or a girl with the paper and first one who know who it is they are the winner and they win one point.  I play with my dad and I win.’  I hope Dad doesn’t mind too much being the loser each time!

Mélina showed us how to play her game.


‘If I got the yellow stick, I need to take the yellow fishes and I want to have more before the others.  I play with my little brother.  I sometimes cheat…..’ she admitted.

‘What’s cheat?’ asked Tim.

‘Cheat means when you play a game and you break the rules,’ explained Bianca.  Perish the thought.

And now, let’s take a look at some of the words we used to tell about the att-rib-utes of our toys.

We used the words pink and grey and brown and describe the colours of our toys

Our toys were made from wood and metal and glass and plastic.

And the toys we liked to cuddle were soft.

Why not take a look at some of your toys at home; can you use some of our words to describe them?  What other useful words could you use?

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