Wednesday, 18 January 2012

today’s the day

I think it must have happened during French.  Everyone had left the classroom; children shuttled off to their various language classes, Béatrix to cut paper ready for the next day’s art class and yours truly to a meeting.

OK so we had left in a bit of a rush; a case of downing tools (pencils and crayons) and heading out the door (French does rather have a habit of creeping up on one) but when we left, the Bears and their furry friends were all sitting quietly on desks, apparently not even minding the ticklish pencils under their paws as we traced around them.

Imagine then, if you will, our surprise (nay SHOCK!) on our return to find empty desks, a trail of biscuit crumbs leading across the carpet…..


chocolaty paws…..


and this beaming smile…..


Luckily they shared the spoils with us.

Cue more beaming smiles!

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