Thursday, 29 September 2011

all buttoned up

Of course you still remember our friend Ling Sung (he of ‘cleversticks’ fame); probably you still also remember his friend Sharon who could do up her buttons. 

We wondered – who in Class 1b can do up buttons?

Helga helped; she hunted through her lost property and found a car-di-gan (sorry; I just can’t help myself!) with 5 buttons (5 tricky buttons) and Béatrix also found a car-di-gan, this time with 3 easier buttons – bigger holes you see.

We took turns to see how many of the buttons we could do; we could choose the tricky ones or the easier ones.  (Yanis actually chose both – he is a bit of a buttoning expert!)


We recorded how many we managed and then shared it with the class.  This is what we found out.


We began by counting together. 

15 children (actually 16 – we couldn’t fit all the buttons that Yanis did onto our chart!) tried doing up buttons.

Then Tanisha told us that ‘there are more people who did three buttons’.

Anusha added that ‘2 buttons only 2 people did’.

Joseph joined in; ‘3 people can do 5 buttons’, he said.

And Melchior mentioned that ‘2 people did 4 buttons’.

Tim told us that ‘zero people did one button’.  In other words, everyone in Class 1b can push least one fiddly button through a hole; what a nimble-fingered lot we are!

I wonder – what other true things can you tell from our chart?

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