Thursday, 29 September 2011

grab and count - or how big are YOUR hands (especially if chocolate is involved)?

It was a pretty straightforward idea.  You reach into the box of unifix cubes with one hand.  Dig around for a bit if you wish.  And then grab. 


Grab as many as you can fit into your hand.


Give a little wave…..


just to make sure they are well and truly grabbed!


Next, build them into a tower – and then count how many you grabbed.


Count carefully!


And now, let’s sort our ‘grabbed and counted’ cubes.  Let’s see if we have grabbed the same number as anyone else or if we have the biggest (or the smallest) hands (you see, we quickly decided that bigger hands would normally grab more cubes!)



we felt, probably had the smallest hands.  She grabbed 5 cubes.  Itaru, on the other hand, managed to grab an impressive 11 cubes!  And in between were Anousha, Yanis and Lakeisha.  They each managed to grab 7 cubes.


Why not try it for yourself?  And what about if you have more than one grab?  Do you always grab the same number of cubes?  And how about if you try grabbing cubes of chocolate?  (Actually, in that case, I think a bit of ‘healthy’ cheating might need to be involved; certainly it would if I was part of the challenge!)

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