Thursday, 22 September 2011

how observant are you?

Take a look at these three photos.  See anything familiar?

IMG_3229     _MG_3277     _MG_3236

What about these three.  You just might recognise something.  You need to be really observant for this!

IMG_3230     _MG_3231     _MG_3232

And these?  Where were they taken?

_MG_3238     _MG_3239   

 _MG_3241    _MG_3242    

Looking up?  Looking down?

_MG_3245     _MG_3243

Come closer.

_MG_3244     _MG_3246

Take a look towards the outside.


Go outside!  No need to venture very far!

_MG_3263     _MG_3270     _MG_3340    

_MG_3343     _MG_3344     _MG_3260

Do you know where we are yet?  This last one should settle it for you.


And if anyone is still unclear, here’s a hint.  ALL the photos were taken within just a handful of steps of the classroom.  Really?  Why not take a looking-seeing walk about and count how many of them you can find?

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