Thursday, 15 September 2011

painting yourself - part 2 [or finishing off our (of-not-on) self-portraits]

One week later, and of course the skin on our (of-not-on) self-portraits and those wonderful backgrounds are now crisp-crunchy dry; and of course they still have no hair; they have no eyes, no noses.  No smiles. 

Time, I think, to do something about that.  First, some black paint to separate the (of-not-on) self-portrait from those wonderful backgrounds.  Remember, hold the brush like a pencil – and oh-so-carefully you go.  All the way round.


And now we need some features; eyes, noses, smiles.  Take a look at this shape.


Can you make the same shape?  What feature does it remind you of?

Yes, we need two of these – about halfway down.  Maybe some eyelashes too.


A ‘L’ for a nose…..


and some bright shiny  red…..


for a big happy smile.  Some hair – plus a few finishing touches – and now let’s take a look at one or two of our finished (of-not-on) self-portraits.  What do you think of these?

_MG_3088     _MG_3086     _MG_3089

Do you like what you see?

_MG_3090    _MG_3092     _MG_3093    

There are more of the same in the classroom (soon to be posted proudly on the wall!)  Why not stop by sometime and pay someone a compliment?

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