Thursday, 8 September 2011

painting yourself

When asked what a ‘self-portrait’ might be, Bianca was eager to share what she knew; a self portrait is when ‘you paint yourself’.  Exactly.  But not on yourself, we joked!  You paint a picture of yourself.  Oh how we laughed! 

Anyway, in this case, it would be a painting of our head (and neck) and shoulders.

Your face is an ‘oval’  shape, confirmed Melchior, tracing in the air with a confident finger.  We would use a cut-out oval to trace (‘draw’ as Bianca told us) round – ovals tend to be rather wobbly when you are only five years old.  Or even when you are as old as I am!


Next, two lines for the neck (so the head has something to help it stay on the shoulders) a curve for the head-hole of your tee-shirt and some good strong shoulders.  Now for a bit of paint-mixing.  Pinks, yellows, browns, white…..


all available to help you create your own shade of skin.

_MG_2774  _MG_2775  _MG_2778

Add some nice bright colours…..

self portrait1

for the background.

_MG_2781  _MG_2792  _MG_2791

Careful Joseph…..


remember – not on yourself…..

_MG_2794  _MG_2784

but of yourself!

Our (of-not-on) self-portraits still have no hair;


they have no eyes, no noses.  No smiles.  Well, none on the papers yet.  These we will add next time, when our skin and those wonderful backgrounds are dry.


Watch this space!

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