Thursday, 22 September 2011

let’s meet one or two of the people who work in our school

As an assessment of our prior knowledge, we should try to name some of the people who work in our school as well as say what they do.   (Oh and we will do the same test at the end of the unit to see how much we have learned!)

Here is a sample of what we already know.

Melchior’s list includes Mrs Belfry, whose job, he tells me, is ‘to see if the children are being nice to each other or are being noisy’.  That sounds like a very important job to me!  He adds Miss Kate who ‘is a library (sic) and she lends books and you need to bring books back'.  Very important that!  Oh and then there’s Nathalie, who ‘helps the little people in Hasina’s class’ and Mrs Mills, who ‘teaches the bigs how to read and activities’.

One of the people Yanis tells me about is Hasina.  Her job, he explains, is to ‘help the babies who are 3 years old’.  Methinks he might have a bit of insider information here!  And according to him, Mrs Gleed has an intriguing role.  She does ‘hands; two hands on one page’.  I think I need to check that one out!

Emily focuses on the teachers.  There are Mrs Kennedy and Amanda who do ‘teaching’, Francine, who ‘teaches my friend Stella’ and Rosalina who ‘teaches French’.

Melina tells us about Miss Jyotsna.  She is (pointing) ‘over there’.  Or is she.  A little unsure of this.  But definite about Miss Kate.  ‘The library’.

Ella mentions Miss Rose, who does ‘painting’.  And very nice they are too, these paintings (although this particular one was done by a delightful young lady in Pre-Reception, who tells me it is for her mum.  Shame that; I rather like it!)


She also suggests Melchior. He is quite tall, I suppose; almost grown up, in fact, at nearly 6 years old!

Lakeisha tells me that she doesn’t know anyone – although she quickly adds ‘Joseph’s mum’ even if she isn’t quite sure what she does!  Maybe she should go along to the special PYP information evening next Tuesday…..

Nicholas has this to say.  Of Rosalina, ‘she teaches us when we go to her class and we do fun stuff’, Béatrix, ‘she let’s us read - and Robert…..’  Who?  ‘He feeds your tummy ‘cos he’s the lunch maker.’  Of course.  Silly me.  ‘That’s all I know.’   Well, you got the most important one there, Nicholas.

Anusha picks Béatrix to tell me about.  ‘Her job is to look after the children.’  Amanda’s job, she adds, is to ‘look in the classroom; she helps everyone’ and Rosalina’s is ‘to teach French’.

Tim too tells me about Béatrix.  She ‘works for help Mrs. D.’  Indeed she does.  Big time!  Merci, Béatrix!

Yousuof though, suggests her job is ‘to clean’.  Hmm.

Joseph (he of ‘Joseph’s mum’ fame) tells me that Béatrix ‘lets us change our books’ and, after a bit of thought, of Mrs Belfry ‘I think she likes to go outside and say hello to everyone’.  Absolutely.  Even when it is snowing!

One or two mentioned yours truly (well, thank heavens for that I suppose!) whose job seems to include ‘help for the children’; ‘teaches us something’; ‘teach’; ‘helps’; ‘lets people work’; ‘maîtresse’ (even though I know it just means teacher, I rather like the ring of this); ‘I don’t know’ (this less so!); ‘checking if everyone’s in school’ (well that’s important of course) and ‘to do the register’ (as I was saying)…..

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