Thursday, 29 September 2011

in the style of one of the great masters - picasso

Take a look at this painting.


It is a famous painting by the famous artist Picasso.  It is a painting of his son Paul, when he was a small boy.  A small boy of about your age, actually!

And now look at this painting.


This too was painted by Picasso.  It is an (of-not-on) self-portrait.

I wonder.  What are the differences between the two paintings?

Tanisha starts us off.  The (of-not-on) ‘self-portrait is not wearing a hat’.

Tim notices the lines.  The ‘self’ has ‘lines on the face’.  Yes; so it does.  Thick black lines.  The portrait of the son is much more fine and delicate.

Melchior notices the colours.  The (of-not-on) self-portrait is more ’yellow’.

Alexis notices the shapes.  The son ‘has a round or oval face’ he tells us.

And Mélina tells us that the portrait of the son looks ‘more real; more like a real person’.

Now look at what happens to Picasso’s portraits.  Ooh er!


Weird huh!

OK.  Keep that odd picture in your mind.  Got it?  Good!

Now let’s get on with our art lesson.  Today’s task is to draw two (of-not-on) self-portraits.  Two!  On two different shades of ‘sugar paper’ using your choice of oil pastel colours.  You might need to check whereabouts your features are using a mirror.


Although the portraits should both be similar (they are both (of-not-on) you after all!) it doesn’t matter if there are differences between them.

_MG_3691   _MG_3692   _MG_3695

Next, use watercolours…..


to colour your face and hair.

_MG_3704   _MG_3698

Stop briefly to admire all your hard work.  And to allow the paint to dry.

_MG_3702     _MG_3703

Ooh.  Aah!  Lovely!

_MG_3699   _MG_3706

And now.  Are you ready for this?

Clip your two (of-not-on) self-portraits together with paperclips.


Take a deep breath.  And…..cut!  Snip.  Snap.  Snorum.


Cut your beautiful (of-not-on) self-portraits into 4 wiggly pieces.  Oh  no!!!


Now choose four of the eight pieces (two from each portrait) to rebuild your (of-not-on) self-portraits.


Stick them down onto black paper…..


just like doing a jigsaw.

_MG_3707   _MG_3708   _MG_3709  

_MG_3711   _MG_3712   _MG_3710

Well, Picasso did pretty well out of his efforts didn’t he!

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