Saturday, 17 September 2011

are you a ‘cleversticks’?

We read ‘Cleversticks’ by Bernard Ashley.

Ling Sung did not like school.  There were too many things the others could do that he could not.

Terry could tie his shoes,


Manjit could write her name and Sharon could do up her buttons.

Why couldn’t he be good at something too?  He felt sad when the others teased him.

One day, he picked up two paintbrushes…..


(remember that Nicholas had spotted the paintbrushes?) that hadn’t been put back in the jar.

When snack-time came around, Ling Sung used the two brushes to ‘chopstick’ a piece of ‘cookie’ into his mouth.


Suddenly everyone was clapping; how clever Ling Sung was to be able to do something as tricky as that!

When he got home from school that day, his dad was really proud of him.  ‘You’re a real ‘cleversticks,’ he told him.

And so of course we just had to try.  We wondered; how many ‘cleversticks’ are there in our class?

Using proper chopsticks…..


and even pencils…..


everyone had a go…..

_MG_3051     _MG_3050     _MG_3055

at picking up a piece of ‘pretend’ fruit. 

So - how many ‘cleversticks’ do you think there are in our class?

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