Thursday, 29 September 2011

wiggly woo

As well as all those weeds, we ‘discovered’ all kinds of different ‘treasures’ during our gardening ‘sortie’.  Things that elicited squeaks and squeals in some quarters!  But of course, fat wiggly worms…..


and even skinny wiggly worms…..


are VERY important to gardeners.  In fact, the more worms there are in your garden, the healthier that garden is!

This is because worms wiggle their way underground and as they go, they allow extra air and moisture into the ‘soil’ (that’s the ‘proper’ name for ‘dirt’).  And as we know, plants need both air and moisture to grow.  So any worms we found as we were digging, we carefully dropped back onto the soil so that they would tunnel their way back down again and do their important job.

Judging by the number of squeaks and squeals, we must have very…..





(PS I wonder; how are snails good for our garden?)


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