Thursday, 22 September 2011

three claps for sil-hou-ette

The other day, with the help of Béatrix, we made some sil-hou-ettes.  Sil-hou-ette.  Clap; clap; clap – one for each syll-a-ble.  Can you say it?  Sil-hou-ette.  That’s it! 

I am sure that anyone in Class 1b would be able to tell you how we made our sil-hou-ettes – but in case you were won-der-ing, you take an o-ver-head pro-jec-tor (OK; point made) and shine the lamp towards the side of someone’s head so that it makes a shadow on the wall.  Or to be more precise, onto a piece of black paper held against the wall.  And NO wriggling.  Yes, I know.  It’s hard.  Especially when you want to see what’s happening!

Scribble-scribble, scritch-scratch and you’re done.  Traced round the shadow of your head.

Next, snip-snap-snorum.  And there we have it; perfect detail, down to the last eyelash…..


and tuft of hair!


And they look pretty cool against a white background, don’t they!


Just not quite colourful enough!  And boy, do we like colourful in our class!

So we set about painting a colourful background for our sil-hou-ettes.

A brush-full of yellow…..


or was that red?  Oops!  Stripes of orange and of pink…..


and stripes of green…..


careful stripes of green and orange.


Oh and blocks of blue.  And shades of autumn.

_MG_3377     _MG_3392

Go on - right to the edge of the paper.


And if you like, you can cover up any white using your fingertip(s).


Rainbow stripes; colourful stripes! 


Perfect.  And now for our sil-hou-ettes.  Lickety stickily on they go.

IMG_3393     IMG_3394     IMG_3395

Once we have found some wall-space, our sil-hou-ettes (on their colourful backgrounds) will be proudly on display.  Come along and see who you recognise!

Oh sorry; did I say three claps?  Actually I think it should be a whole round of applause!

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