Thursday, 8 September 2011

how well I know our school

After a bit of thought, we decided that those of us who were at this school last year would probably know more about our school than those of us who have only just started. This, we felt, was good because the ‘newbies’ amongst us would be able to learn from the ‘old hands’.

And we also felt that the longer someone had been in the school, probably the more they would already know about it.

So – where would you stand on our line?


Would you stand near the ‘I am new; I don’t yet know very much about our school’ end?

Somewhere in the middle, where it says ‘I came to our school last year – I know it quite well’?


Or are you already something of an ‘expert’ because you have been here more than one year?


And now perhaps we had better find a way (non-stickiness of post-its notwithstanding) of saving this information.  Because of course we would expect that after a whole 7 weeks of learning about our school and how it works,  we will all surely move along our line.


At least, I hope we will.

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