Thursday, 8 September 2011

who in our class is new?

We wondered – how many of us are new to our school this year?  Let’s find out.  A flurry of yellow post-its, a scribble and a scratch of pencils…..




Line them up in the correct columns - and we have the makings of a pictogram.  Which shows us that there are 8 new students and 10 who were at our school last year. 

Transfer the same information to a chart using the oh-so-Smart board (one smiley face per person – and yes, we each got to move our own into place) and look what this shows…..


9 people who are new and 9 who were at our school last year.  Personally I am putting the discrepancy down to all that ‘testing’ of the stickiness of the post-its.  Which left many of them not quite as sticky as was needed.  And one or two on the floor rather than stuck on the chart…..

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