Thursday, 3 November 2011

art part three - just a pinch!

Poor Béatrix.  She thinks she probably lost two kilos during that sparkly art lesson.  All that swishing about with a broom and that swabbing with a sponge.  And still the sparkly bits cling to the tufts of the sit-upon carpet. 

So what went wrong?

Well of course glitter is just TOO exciting, isn’t it!  But in spite of clear instructions to take just a pinch (a PINCH mind you) at a time, somehow it all went out-the-proverbial (window)!

As Yousouf observed, ‘Some sprinkles were on the floor.’  A bit of an understatement that!

Yanis added, ‘We had bits of sprinkles on the teacher’s desk.’  Oh goodness me, yes we did!

Ella had spotted them elsewhere. ‘There’s still glitter on the carpet!’ she exclaimed. This after Béatrix’s efforts.

And it happened because, as Tanisha told us, ‘Some people were taking glitter from the pot.’  They were.  Great BIG handfuls of the stuff!

Melchior said he actually ‘saw some people spilling glitter’.

And quel horreur, Bianca even noticed that some people ‘were sprinkling glitter on other people’s paper.’  That definitely will not do, will it!

Well that’s pretty much what went wrong – but now, more to the point, how can we fix it?

Yanis pointed out the obvious.  Which needed pointing out.  ‘We must be careful with the glitter,’  he said.  C a r e f u l !

And as Melchior reiterated, we need to remember this; ‘Don’t use the glitter with your hands.’  Just a pinch (which looks like this…..


thank you Ella) is all that you need to stop the problem of sparkly bits where no sparkly bits should be.  And that includes on someone else’s paper!

Incidentally, you remember this of course.


A long-since solved problem as we now (mostly) remember our responsibility.  But a problem which at the time stopped somebody doing her job properly.  Somebody who was not able to use her vacuum cleaner.


And that same somebody will have to use her vacuum cleaner extra carefully on our carpet this evening, to suck up all those sparkly bits still clinging  to the tufts of the sit-upon carpet – in spite of the best efforts of poor exhausted Béatrix…..

Sorry!  Sorry!  Sorry!

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