Thursday, 10 November 2011

a spoonful of art

Art this week started out as a bit of a mystery; why, we all wondered, would we be needing SPOONS?

Well, there’s only one way to find out – and that is to begin!  First you need to ensure your pre-folded piece of paper is the right way round with the fold by your tummy.  Yes…..


just like that.  Step two is to use either a brown or a black oil pastel to draw four straight lines or ‘sticks’…..


evenly spaced along the folded edge; you need to press really hard

And now your ‘sticks’ need branches – because of course they are not ‘sticks’ at all, but tree trunks!

_MG_6280     _MG_6281    

Next we need a change of colour – to orange or red or yellow maybe, because our trees need a few (just a few) autumn leaves remaining on the branches.

_MG_6285     _MG_6286

And perhaps one or two dropped on the green grassy ground.  You need to remember to press hard for the leaves too.  You’ll soon see why.  Next step - the spoons. 

Open up the paper, and then carefully fold it back-to-front, so that your trees are inside.  Take the spoon…..


and use it to rub really hard all over the paper (phew!)  I wonder; what do you think will happen when we do that?  Take a peek and see if you guessed right!

Two more steps until we are done.  The first is to take a white pastel and draw wiggly (wavy!) invisible lines across the watery  ‘reflection’ (well guessed Anusha!)…..


and finally paint over the top with watery blue paint.

_MG_6291     _MG_6293

And there you have it…..

IMG_6311     IMG_6312

autumnal trees standing peacefully…..

IMG_6316     IMG_6314

by the water’s edge.

IMG_6305     IMG_6303

Thanks in no small part to the contents of my cutlery drawer!

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