Thursday, 17 November 2011

peace is…..

We’ve been doing a bit of brainstorming.  We started off by talking about what peace means to each of us.  And here you see the results of those discussions.

Fullscreen capture 17112011 212642.bmp

Next we thought about the times when we feel peaceful.

Yanis feels peaceful, ‘when we play Lego without fighting’.  Something we are working on…..

Nicholas says he feels peaceful, ‘when everything is silent’.  Do you know that deep muffled quiet you sense after a snowfall?  Maybe he means that sort of silence.


‘I feel peaceful’, says Bianca, ‘when I am comfortable in bed with a book.’  Tim also finds reading a book helps him to feel peaceful.

In bed too, Anusha feels peaceful when ‘I have my favourite toy dog’.  How well I understand this, even though I am more of a Bear person myself!


Melchior feels peaceful, ‘when my dad cuddles me’.  We all agree how good it feels being safe inside a hug!

What is peace for you; when do you feel peaceful?

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