Thursday, 3 November 2011

how well I know our school–the last part!

After having placed ourselves and our pink post-its onto the ‘how well I know our school’ con-tin-u-um we spent a few minutes sharing just a few of the things we know now but didn’t know at the start of the unit.  And my goodness what a lot we have learned!

Tim, for example, knows ‘where I can do my work, where we can play and I know where I do my English’ at this, his new school.

Tanisha knows ‘where we do gardening’ at hers.


On-the-go Nicholas was pleased to learn not only that there is a gym, but that you ‘can roll and do somersaults and run’ there.


He knows too that ‘Beatrix gets the people off the bus and the cars’ in the morning.  And he didn’t say it but it’s clear that he knows Robert the chef very well indeed!  Here he is again, just in case you need seconds.


Luna, also new to our school, now knows that ‘if I hurt I go to the nurse’.

But even the ‘old hands’ learnt new things.  Alexis, ‘that Amanda is here and before I didn’t know’ and Yousouf, that ‘Momo drives the tractor’.  Melchior told us, ‘first I didn’t know about Mrs Belfry’s job and now I do; she’s the principal.’

Of course that is just a tiny number of the things that we have learnt during the course of this unit.  Right here we have a whole ‘blogful’ for you to look at! 

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