Thursday, 24 November 2011

just a few snips

Let’s think about shape.  What are some ge-o-met-ric shapes that you know?  A three-sided shape maybe?  One with 4 sides?  Any more with 4 sides?  And does anyone know what a shape with 6 sides is called?

And now…..take a piece of plain paper. Fold it in two.

Next, take a pair of scissors.

Can you snip along the folded edge of the paper to make some of those shapes?  Can you make a shape with just two snips of the scissors?  Can you make a ‘diamond’ shape with two snips? 


And what about a triangle?  That’s a bit more tricky to do than a ‘diamond’ isn’t it!  Unfold the paper carefully and look to see if you have managed it!


(Well done Bianca!)

What about if you only snip once?  What shape will that make? 


A circle with just one snip?  Or an oval perhaps?


And then there are rectangles to try.  (How many snips for a rectangle?)  And for a square?  (These, like triangles, are a bit more tricky.)  How about trying to make a hexagon; how many snips would that take?  Look at all the shapes Mélina has made.  How many different ones can you count?  Snip, snip, snip!


Of course all that snipping left a snowstorm of cut-out shapes for us to sweep into the recycle bin when we had done…..


as well as (oh dear!) this multi-cut snowflake;


I’m not quite sure what geometric shape that is I’m afraid!

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