Thursday, 10 November 2011

collecting leaves

Seems you can sort pretty much any old thing.  We ‘did’ shoes on Monday (pinkish ones; mostly white ones; small ones; holey ones…..) and on Tuesday it was fallen leaves.

At this time of year, leaves they swirl down in drifts.

They get stuck on cars…..


in fences…..


and on the veranda roof.


And importantly for us, they make thick blankets on the ground.


We sorted ours by colour…..


by shape…..


and (with some ‘discussion’) by size.


And we talked about what we found out.

Tim told us that, ‘There are 4 big leaves and more that are not big.’

Yanis (of course) counted to find out how many were not big.  14, he confirmed.

Melchior told us, ‘There are 15 leaves that are this shape…..


and 3 that are not.’ 

I wonder; what other things can you say about our leaf collections?  And, can you think of any other ways we could have sorted them?

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