Thursday, 3 November 2011

art part two - a bit of sparkle

Having dried our autumnal carpets on a toasty-warm radiator, it is time for part two; time to paint on a black tree sil-hou-ette.  You will need a trunk - more this…..


than this…..


and some bare branches…..


(bare, you remember, because all the leaves are on the ground).


A paintbrush dipped into black paint…..


and you’re away.

And then, just because everything looks better with a bit of sparkle, let’s get out the glitter.  A dribble of glue…..


a pinch…..


and a sprinkle…..


(a PINCH I said…..


not a whole handful!) of glitter - and then a bit of a shake over the table to get off all the loose bits…..


and well, I can’t invite you in just yet to see the glitterful results; we have a bit of a clean-up to sort out first – our autumnal carpets were not the only carpets to benefit from a bit of sparkle…..

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