Wednesday, 30 November 2011

choose a button, any button

Choose a button.  Any button.  Look at it carefully.  Now find one word that you can use to describe your button.  You could describe its colour, its shape or even the number of holes it has.

For each word we think of, we will make a card.

Now let’s put one of those cards in a hoop – and if the word on the card is one that could be used to describe your button, pop your button in the hoop!

Is your button black?


(How many buttons are not black?)

Is your button square?


(How many buttons are square?  And how many are not square?)

Does your button have 4 holes?


(How many buttons do not have 4 holes?)

And what about this one?  Is your button blue?


(Have we managed to put all the blue buttons in the hoop?  Can you find the one we missed?)

And now; what other labels do you think we made to describe our buttons?

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