Thursday, 17 November 2011

what are hands for?

A (rather alarming!) bump on the head which resulted from the somewhat thoughtless use of a pair of over-excited hands, got us thinking. 

Hands are such useful things.  They come in all colours…..


and shapes.  And they can do so many StarpositiveStar things, can’t they.

So they should definitely never be used for hitting.  In fact we read a book all about it so it must be true!  Hitting, as we all know, hurts.  It hurts in two ways.  It hurts our bodies, but it also hurts our feelings.

So let’s think about all of the different things we can do with our hands other than hitting.

Hands are for holding, for hugging…..

_MG_1194     _MG_6896

and carrying.

_MG_7445     _MG_0078

Hands are for exploring, for stroking…..

_MG_8090     IMG_0430

and coaxing.

_MG_2909     _MG_8974

They’re for eating and drinking…..

_MG_0055     _MG_4384

for climbing and swinging and helping.

IMG_4361     IMG_6439     _MG_7577

Hands are for gathering and giving.

_MG_7722     IMG_6512

For caring.


And waving.


So many StarpositiveStar things that we can use our hands for without hitting or hurting or shoving or snatching or pushing or pinching…..

What other StarpositiveStar things do you use yours for?

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