Thursday, 10 November 2011


Oh dear…..


oh dear, oh dear!






That’s probably even worse than glitter.  (And nothing like as sparkly!)

The trouble is that outside it’s, well, muddy.  And when you play outside, you get muddy shoes.

And the carpets are right by the door.  What to do?

After all, no-one would want to sit on a muddy carpet, would they!  And we do a lot of sitting-on-the-carpet in 1b.

Time, I think, for a little chat.  How, I wonder, can we solve the potential problem of muddy bottoms.

Because we are nothing if not problem-solvers.

We talked about going round the carpet instead of right across it – but of course the muddy footprints just end up on the floor if you do that…..tum-tee-tum.  In the end we decided to go with Bianca’s suggestion of always carrying our shoes through the classroom – and putting them on outside.  And then taking them off again before we come back inside.

And, as you can see…..


so far at least…..


it seems…..


to be working!


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