Thursday, 24 November 2011

psst - pass it on!

We learnt a new game today.  Would you like us to teach you how to play?  You need a few co-operative friends, each with one long, narrow strip of paper, a paintbrush…..


and some paint!


First, think of a shape that you can paint; it needs to be one that you can repeat, so not too complicated.  A diamond would work really well.


Paint your chosen shape, using your chosen colour, at one end of your strip of paper.  Your friends will all be doing the same with their chosen shape in their chosen colour on their strip of paper.  When everyone has done, say these words, ‘PASS IT ON’ all together, as you pass your strip on to the person on your left.

Then again, paint your chosen shape, using your chosen colour, next to the shape that will already be on the strip you have just been given.


Everybody ready?



And on; and on; and on.  Until you get to the end of the strip of paper.  You have to concentrate really hard as it is pretty tricky!

You have probably already spotted a pattern being made along the strips of paper.  A pattern which started with your shape, and then continued with the shapes from your friends, before making its way back to you for your shape a second time. 

Now - why not take a look at all the strips from all your friends.


How are they the same?  How are they different? 


And – oh dear - can you spot any teeny mistakes??

I am sure you will agree that it is a great game.   So why not  ‘PASS IT ON’ to someone else?

Oh – and before I forget… you remember what I said at the beginning – about how you need co-operative friends to play the game?  Well, how about this for co-operation

People taking turns to change the water…..

_MG_6720     _MG_6721

as well as people who help clean up by collecting paintbrushes…..


and wiping the tables! 


And yes – they did need wiping!


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