Thursday, 24 November 2011

of squares and concentric circles

According to our old friend Kandinsky (as well as to one or two members of 1b) the circle is a pretty peaceful kind of shape.  So just imagine how very peaceful a whole lot of circles must feel!

We took a look at this painting…..


by Kandinsky and it inspired us to have a go at making a similarly peaceful painting of our own.  So we took a sheet of paper with pre-drawn squares.  And we drew con-cen-tric circles (that means circles one inside the other) in each of the squares using oil pastel crayons.

_MG_6767     _MG_6768

Next, we chose watercolour paints in combinations that we found pleasing.  A ring of blue maybe…..followed by one of green.

_MG_6770     _MG_6771

And then how about a background of yellow…..or russet red?

_MG_6774     _MG_6772

And finally – are you sitting comfortably?

IMG_6787     IMG_6788

IMG_6789     IMG_6790

IMG_6792     IMG_6791

Peace at last!

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