Friday, 18 November 2011

the colours of peace

Peace, as we discussed the other day, is feeling quiet inside.  It’s caring for each other and getting along.  It’s having good feelings and being friends.  As Wednesday’s art time approached, I wondered aloud whether there were any colours that might be thought of as peaceful. 

Blue is seen by Youssef as a peaceful colour.


Bianca finds green peaceful.


Tim feels his calmest when he thinks of red…..


and Ayesha likes being surrounded by pink.


Hiromi would choose yellow and both Melchior and Nicholas would go for gold.


Tanisha sees white as a peaceful colour…..


whereas Alexis wants a while rainbow-full of colour!


For all of us here, the colours that we felt were peaceful, happened also to be our favourite colours.  Interesting, non?

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