Wednesday, 30 November 2011

good days; bad days

What a treat we had today.  Yanis wanted to read to us. 

‘In our family,’ he read, ‘we have good days - and bad days.’


And do you know what?  It’s the same at school.  In our school we have good days - and bad days.  But we are working really hard (especially so during this unit of inquiry) to make sure that we have many more good days than bad days. 

We are working really hard at finding peaceful solutions to our conflicts.

Earlier on we had had a conflict.  Maybe I should tell you about it.  Someone was playing with both of our Lego people (we are a little short of Lego people in our class!)  Someone else wanted to play with them.  Oh-oh.  Conflict!  Two people want the same thing!

What actually happened was that the two boys could not agree peacefully and so of course the teacher took the Lego people away.  Which meant that none of the two boys was able to play with the Lego people.  Which is rather a shame, isn’t it!

I wonder; if you had been there, how might you have solved the conflict?  Would you have been able to solve it so that both boys were happy with the outcome?


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