Thursday, 24 November 2011

the feel-good factor!

I read a book on Tuesday.  It was called The Feel Good Book and it was written by Todd Parr.  Every page was dedicated to something that feels good.  Like laughing out loud.  Hahahahaha.


And getting tickled…..


and catching snowflakes on your tongue.  Smile with tongue out


And ooh – after I had finished – we felt GOOD!  It was just thinking about all the things that feel good that did it!  The feel-good factor at work!

And then we started thinking about other things that made us feel good.  Like being up before the sun has melted the frost…..


and watching a fluffy bee at work.


Like melted chocolate. With peanut butter (but don’t tell anyone!)

Like playing a clapping game with a friend.


Like hugging someone…..


and being inside a hug.


And then we worked with a friend (which means we co-operated) to choose a few special things that felt good for us.  We wrote them down and then together (which means we co-operated) we chose the ones we felt best about to have printed.  Then we worked together (yes – more co-operating) to illustrate each page.

For Tanisha, collecting leaves feels good…..and for Lakeisha it’s being in bed!

IMG_6753     IMG_6752

Playing pirates feels feels good for Ella…..but for Yanis it’s making sandcastles.

IMG_6751     IMG_6759

Walking in the grass with bare feet feels good for Hiromi…..and for Joseph too.  But he also likes being in the park.  Barefoot in the Park perhaps.

IMG_6757     IMG_6760

Baking feels good; learning ABCs feels good; eating apples feels good.

IMG_6754     IMG_6758     IMG_6755 

As do lots of other things besides.

We pasted all of our feel-good thoughts and pictures into a BIG yellow book.  Our first pub-lic-a-tion.   A magnificent work of co-operation!

We shared it in assembly on Wed-nes-day.  And do you know what?  Afterwards, one of the teachers asked us if we would put it in the library so other people could check it out.  Well of course we could.  After all, we know that just thinking about the things that make you feel good can make you feel good.  Can you imagine how people who check it out will feel once they have read it!

It’s the feel-good factor at work!  All the way round the school!  And back.

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