Thursday, 10 November 2011

the story of a quilt

We read ‘The Quilt Story’ by Tomie de Paola.  In it, a little girl’s mummy makes her a quilt.  She loves the quilt and takes it everywhere with her.  She has picnics on it…..


and sleeps with it on her bed.


She is sad when her family moves to a new house a long way away; everything smells new and unfamiliar.  Except the quilt.  When she wraps herself up in it it makes her feel safe and warm - and peaceful.

We decided it might be rather nice to make ourselves a peaceful quilt.

We each designed a pattern on a square of paper.  We used oil pastels.

_MG_6220  _MG_6221  _MG_6225

Then we painted the square with watercolour paints.

_MG_6226  _MG_6227  _MG_6232

_MG_6236  _MG_6235  _MG_6234

Finally, we shuffled them around…..


until we were happy with the layout.


What do you think?


Our Peaceful Quilt.

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