Wednesday, 30 November 2011

a bit of a puzzle

Just before lunch on Monday (no that’s not especially significant) everyone was given a jigsaw puzzle piece.  A rather dull and boring blank jigsaw puzzle piece.  The task was to colour it; anyhow you like.  All one colour…..


or in a rainbow of colours;


in a pattern…..or with pictures.  With crayons or with markers.  Your choice!


And of course fast colourers…..


would find someone to help so that no-one feels left behind.  It would be a work of co-operation!

Next, all those jigsaw pieces would be cut out…..


snippety snip.  And the last step?  Well, to fit the pieces together of course!  But the best thing about our jigsaw, is that there are no corners and no edges, no patterns to follow, no tricky bits to find.  Because our jigsaw fits together just the way we want it to. 


The pieces can go whichever way round we want.

_MG_7077     _MG_7083

They can fit in beside whichever other piece we want.

_MG_7079     _MG_7082

And the jigsaw can go in any direction we want!

_MG_7080     _MG_7081

How about that!


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